Medical and Healthcare

The healthcare industry demands a wide variety of functional adhesive materials, many with unique qualities for highly specialized applications. Medical tapes and films must be durable, flexible and safe to use in a broad range of conditions and combinations—in some cases, within the human body itself.


Avery Dennison applies continuous R&D and the full strength of our materials science expertise to engineer safe, easy-to-use adhesive materials for healthcare applications. In addition, our RFID solutions can help hospitals, healthcare facilities and manufacturers enhance their security and operational effectiveness.

Medical and Healthcare

Medical Wearables

Adhesive material selection plays an integral part in the development and application of medical wearables. We collaborate with medical device manufacturers and offer customized solutions, expertise, and the facilities to take ideas from concept to completion. It’s all part of how we are making a material difference in patients’ lives.


Tape solutions for your wearable medical device adhesive needs >


We offer many adhesive materials for use with coated, mineral and organic glasses. Our specialty optical solutions for pads and laminates can be engineered to withstand high torque, chemical scurries and other extreme conditions involved in lens manufacturing and semiconductor production and operation.


Pressure-sensitive adhesives and tapes >


Our advanced capabilities enable us to produce a line of specialty films, foams, hydrocolloids and non-woven adhesives for ostomy applications. Our specialized medical and healthcare products enable comfortable adhesion to skin for sustained periods where moisture vapor transmission (MVTR) is essential.


Multi-layer flanges, charcoal filter mounts, moldable rings >

Personal Care Closure Solutions

We are a leading innovator and expert of high performance pressure-sensitive adhesive and mechanical closure solutions for baby, adult and feminine care packaging. Our complete range of closure solutions needed within each application level help to address multiple tiers, improve comfort and increase application ease. They are designed to add functionality and improve overall performance.


Diaper and feminine hygiene closure tapes >


We produce a range of high-quality, reliable and efficient pharmaceutical labeling solutions that play a critical role in patient health and safety. Our product portfolio includes options such as tamper-evident containers, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels and luminescent labels that provide patients and pharmacists with vital information, as well as help fight pharma brand counterfeiting. Our vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) enable cost effective insulation for temperature controlled packaging serving pharmaceutical cold chain logistics.


Vacuum Insulation Panels for Cold Chain >


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Wound Care

Our wound care products include specialty film, foam, and hydrocolloid tapes that help treat chronic and acute wounds in a variety of care settings and use cases.


Chronic and acute wound care solutions >


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Security & Tracking

We developed the first-ever high-volume, high-yield strap attach process for delivering security and tracking RFID inlays for use with comfortable, fluid-resistant patient identification wristbands. We are also a leading innovator in the emerging area of passive RFID inlays and labels used in functional medical devices.


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We offer a range of safe, high-performance adhesive solutions for surgical applications. Our patented surgical products are approved for use in all surgical environments, including our synthetic rubber adhesives that maintain adhesion to skin even when moisture and other fluids are present.


Drape tapes, OP strips, incise films >


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