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Discovering the passion behind the science at Avery Dennison

A Company Built on Breakthroughs

I have the pleasure of leading one of the largest global R&D teams in the labeling and packaging industry—a diverse team of chemists, engineers and physicists who are curious by nature and determined to find solutions to the ever-changing challenges of the packaging industry.

We are a company built on breakthroughs. Stan Avery, our founder and original pioneer, created the first pressure sensitive label material.  We have been exploring, inquiring and innovating for the eight decades since. And we go beyond our own walls we engage with an extensive ecosystem of venture start-ups, forward thinking suppliers and OEMs and other capability or technology enablers. We love brilliant ideas - they don’t always have to be our own!

The science and discipline behind pressure sensitive materials are vast and rigorous.  Our products have to stick to many different surfaces. They have to bond at different times, with different strengths. And they have to survive different environments. The chemistry is complex, our testing protocols robust.  Just one example:  We test our products in the blistering heat of the Nevada desert and in the icy and corrosive saltwater of the North Sea to make sure they’ll stand up to any extremes they encounter.  

This short film, the first in a series titled #builtonbreakthroughs, shows the passion of two of our modern-day pioneers, Patti Hubbard and Zuchen Lin. It also reveals some of the magic behind our innovation, of which I am very proud.  


Hassan Rmaile

Vice President, Global Research and Development



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