APAC Label and Graphic Materials Early Career Program

What is the program?

Avery Dennison’s Asia Early Career Program (ECP) runs with a single business focus to build talent for a rapidly growing organization. The Asia Business has been growing at a blazing pace and that translates into an immediate need of setting up new capacity, innovating, staking out previously unexplored tracts of markets and build and run intelligent systems to keep the growth march organized. To do all this we need – LEADERS AT EVERY LEVEL. Research as well as Avery Dennison’s previous experience proves that building talent from within is always more preferable than buying talent from outside – AND THAT’S WHERE YOU COME IN! Our aim is to reach out to the best minds in the region in different engineering schools and b-schools, who are interested in building an early career for themselves in a fast growing organization. With a focused blend of experiential on-the-job learning, coaching led learning and classroom and virtual training, the ECPs are assets in whom the organization invests to ensure they are ready for leadership positions at all level throughout the Asia Pacific region. 

The program is separated into 4 functional tracks. Click the links below for more information on the track that best suits your needs.


Learning and Development Framework

Research is what guides us in helping young minds develop at their highest speed. We employ the 70-20-10 rule of development assisted with Mentoring, Coaching and a culture of candid feedback.

Research proves 70% of the learning of any individual happens on the job. Hence we design rotations which are challenging, stretch and with individual accountabilities. (For more details see the below section: How do the rotations work?)

20% of learning is always via peers / seniors other leaders. At Avery Dennison – nothing is left to chance. For the entire period of 2 years you are assigned a senior leader as Mentor from Day 1. Every manager assigned to you for each rotation is a certified Coach. A Mentor and a Coach together are there to guide you, support you and hold you accountable for your own development throughout your 2 years at AD.

10% of learning is as per research from trainings . Just because it is 10% does not mean we do not stress on it.

Click below to download a AD Asia 2 year ECP Learning Calendar:

What happens after the 2-year program?

Early Career Program has 1 single objective : build leaders at every level to lead Avery Dennison’s market expansion journey. For each ECP Specialization we have a structured Career Path which are expectations of growth from each ECP. 

How do rotations work?

Rotations are designed to help you win and gain confidence at more than 1 areas / departments of your functional area of specialization.Depending on your track, you will experience between 2 - 3 rotations varying in lengths from 8-11 months in which you get to work on live individual target based projects in more than 1 department of a function eg Demand Planning as well as Purchase in Supply Chain, FP&A as well as GL in Finance, Sales as well as Marketing in Commercial, Plant Management as well as Quality in Ops. 

Rotations are determined by identifying business opportunities with live targets (so that you get an opportunity to experience wins). Every rotation is designed to give you all the support needed in the first 3 months to get you ready to win on your own in the remaining 5/8 months.

Culture at Avery Dennison - Asia Pacific?

We believe and know by experience that passionate leaders are people with passions and hence you would find yourself among people with different passions all accepted and encouraged to bring them to the workplace.

Come find yourself among sports fanatics, musicians, dancers, standup comedians, book lovers, travelers – you name it and you will have a colleague around you to share the passion.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for candidates who are highly motivated and creative thinkers. Also we expect you to:

  • Effectively communicate at all levels of the organization
  • Work effectively in a fast-paced, change driven and multi-cultural environment
  • Work independently
  • Be willing and flexible to relocate 
  • Previous student organization leadership skills preferred
  • Previous internship experience preferred


Our Application Process

Check with your Placement Office to see if/when Avery Dennison will be visiting your Campus.

Do attend our Pre - Placement Talk to know more and apply.